Tips for Shaving with Dry Skin

Tips for Shaving with Dry Skin

Do you find that your skin is often left irritated and tight after shaving? While using gentle, nourishing shave care is great practice for any wet shaver, for those with drier skin types, it’s a definite essential. If you’re looking for some advice on where to start, see below as we explore our top tips for shaving with dry skin and ultimate habits to avoid!

Step 1: Not Too Hot

Starting your shave with a warm shower or a hot towel is a fantastic way to open the pores and soften hair pre-shave. If you have dry skin, however, it’s best to just make it a warm shower, not a hot one, as too hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils leaving it drier than it was before.

Step 2: Wash and Exfoliate

Blocked by hair, build-up and dead skin cells a clogged razor can make it difficult to achieve a smooth shave. Helping to remove any debris or impurities from the skin, we recommend investing in a gentle face wash and exfoliator to include in your pre-shave preparation. And, of course, don’t forget to rinse your razor between passes!

We suggest: MÜHLE ORGANIC Face Wash, designed to nourish and moisturise, the MÜHLE Organic face wash gently cleanses and uses Coconut oil, amino acids and sugar to form a mild detergent base.

Step 3: The Right Shave Care

In general, dry skin is damaged skin, so you’ll want to make sure you’re using gentle, nourishing skincare to help protect the skin during shaving and restore post-shave.

We suggest: MÜHLE Sandalwood Shave Care, particularly effective for dry skin, Sandalwood is one of the most effective emollients, able to deeply penetrate the skin and provide your epidermis with the intense dose of moisture it needs.

MÜHLE SHAVE CARE Sandalwood Aftershave Balm & Shaving Cream

Step 4: Waste No Time

Newly exposed and the most receptive to moisture, the best time to hydrate your skin is directly after shaving. Helping to restore the skin’s natural balance, for dry skin we recommend opting for a soothing aftershave balm over an astringent aftershave lotion.

We suggest: MÜHLE Sandalwood Aftershave Balm, traditionally very creamy and containing significantly lower levels of alcohol compared to Lotions, our aftershave balms absorb into the skin after only a few minutes providing almost instant relief.

Step 5: It’s Not All About the Shave

When asked for his number one tip for wet-shavers, Jason Fellows (from Mr Fellows Barber Shop) recommends moisturising "on a daily basis." He says "it's easy to do and helps maintain the skin day to day, if your skin isn’t moisturised and it's dry then when you shave it's going to be sore."

We suggest: MÜHLE Organic Face Cream, healing and hydrating, the MÜHLE Organic Face Cream is ideal for use between shaves and is rich in Vitamin F to help retain moisture and strengthen the skin’s barrier functions.

Step 6: Enrich Your Rituals

A real all-rounder, if you’d prefer a little extra nourishment from your shave care or skin care the MÜHLE Organic Argan oil can be added to your shaving cream, aftershave balm and face cream to provide a richer, more concentrated formula. It can even be used by itself as a pre-shave oil or applied directly to particularly dry areas for instant nourishment.

We suggest: MÜHLE Organic Argan oil, Perfect for nourishing, protecting and regenerating irritated skin.

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