Skin Care

Treat yourself to the soothing care products from MÜHLE. High-quality creams, soaps and lotions for shaving, body or beard care.

Offering post-shave skin soothing treatments as well as protecting the skin during shaving, MÜHLE shave care is an integral part of achieving a close, comfortable shave. Available in five different fragrances.


Priding itself on using only sustainable natural ingredients, the unisex ORGANIC range offers a complete body and skincare routine. All products are vegan, BDIH certified and all contain the series star ingredient: Argan oil.


Always created with a keen focus on quality, as well as a profound respect for nature, the new beardcare series is no exception. Entirely vegan-friendly, the range is warmly scented with notes of bergamot and cedarwood.


You may select from each series or view all of our Skin Care products.