Tips for Shaving with Sensitive Skin

Tips for Shaving with Sensitive Skin

Even with the correct pre-shave prep, for those with sensitive skin shaving of any kind can still lead to some skin redness or itchiness. If you’re looking for some advice on where to start– see below as we explore our top tips for sensitive skin shaving and ultimate habits to avoid!

Step 1: Prepare the Skin

Ensuring that the blade meets as little resistance as possible when shaving, one of the simplest ways to reduce irritation is by making sure the skin is cleansed and warmed. Removing any dirt or build-up from the skin and helping soften the hair, this simple step reduces the risk of the blade pulling or scraping the skin.

We suggest: MÜHLE ORGANIC Face Wash, suitable for all skin types, the MÜHLE ORGANIC Face Wash uses a mild detergent base and no synthetic aromatic substances or colourants for super gentle cleansing.

Step 2: Nourishing Pre Shave

Forming a protective, second barrier over the skin a quality pre-shave product helps limit damage and reduce friction. Compared to shaving soaps, shaving creams generally provide a more nourishing shave and are exceedingly quick to lather so would always be our go-to for sensitive skin types. In particular, make sure to look for creams that have no alcohol and minimal to no fragrance.

We suggest: MÜHLE Aloe Vera Shaving Cream, glycerin-based, this hydrating shave cream features Aloe Vera extract and is fantastic for dryer, sensitive or irritated skin.

Aloe Vera: One of the best ingredients for sensitive skin.

Step 3: With the Grain

For the first pass (at least) always shave with the grain. This prevents the razor from dragging and pulling the hair, which can cause irritation and in-grown hairs.

Step 4: Replace that Blade

Make sure to replace your blades frequently. Gradually becoming clogged with hair and dead skin, your razor blades could be a breeding ground for bacteria if left unchecked. Furthermore, not slicing as effectively through the hair, a dull blade will only lead to further friction and skin irritation.

Step 5: Switch to a DE Razor

Worried about the cost of changing your blades so frequently? Try a DE (double-edged) razor. Much cheaper than cartridge heads, a pack of 10 blades will only set you back £4.50! Often achieving a closer shave, DE razors are also a great choice for sensitive skin as they only have one blade compared to the 3 or 5 of cartridges (one pass with a cartridge razor is equal to 5 of a DE razor- which can itself lead to irritation!).

MUHLE R89 Safety Razor

We suggest: MÜHLE Traditional R89 Chrome Safety Razor, considered the gentlest of safety razors, the R89 features a flat edged bottom plate to help keep the skin stretched tightly across the bar whilst shaving, providing a ‘’safer’’ shave. Perfect for daily shaves and well suited to sensitive skin as well as beginners.

Step 6: Don't Forget Post Shave Care

Soothing tightness and calming any redness, post-shave treatments are essential for sensitive skin. More nourishing, we would always recommend an aftershave balm over an aftershave lotion for sensitive skin types as they contain minimal fragrance and no harsh alcohol!

We suggest: MÜHLE Aloe Vera Aftershave Balm, soothing and moisturising, our Aloe Vera Aftershave Balm relieves any irritation and provides the skin with everything it needs after shaving.


Step 7: Keep it Clean

Finally, after shaving, make sure to store your razor in a dry place. Due to the humidity, leaving your blades in a damp area such as the shower can cause bacteria and rust to build up – both of which are guaranteed to aggravate sensitive skin!