MUHLE Silvertip Fibre® - Now Even More Sustainable

Silvertip Fibre® - Now Even More Sustainable

With this long-lasting synthetic fibre of premium quality, we have succeeded in achieving a world first and proving that art is capable of surpassing nature. A synthetic alternative to our natural hair shaving brushes, our revolutionary Silvertip Fibre® is now even more sustainable. From benefits to developments, continue reading to find out more.

What is Silvertip Fibre®?

Our premium synthetic hair grade, Silvertip Fibre®, has been designed to closely mimic the performance of the highest quality natural hair: Silvertip Badger. Consisting of 7 different types of fibres, the specific mix of hair guarantees soft tips, good backbone, and easy maintenance. Bound by hand, the brushes are vegan-friendly and great for travel.

The MUHLE Hexagon Series in Silvertip Fibre

What are the main differences between synthetic Silvertip Fibre® and natural hair?

  • All of our Silvertip Fibre® brushes are vegan, using only plant-based synthetic hair within the bundles.
  • Designed for both performance and comfort, Silvertip Fibre® features extra soft tips, making it ideal for sensitive skin. Still providing a strong massage effect, the lower part of the brush has been designed to be firmer to achieve sufficient backbone even when wet.
  • Low maintenance, all Silvertip Fibre® brushes dry quickly and are less susceptible to soap residue (a.k.a. shedding).
  • Great for travel, the brushes can even be stowed away when damp.
  • Just like our premium natural hair shaving brushes (Silvertip Badger), Silvertip Fibre® bundles are processed by hand using traditional techniques.

MUHLE Silvertip Fibre, processed by hand.

Now even more sustainable: Say hello to Sorona®

In the spirit of sustainability, we are now using a plant-based fibre to mix our premium brush fibres. This eco-efficient fibre consists of 37% renewable, plant-based raw materials and impresses with its durability, flexibility, and high volume. At the same time, the production of this revolutionary polymer requires 30% less energy and emits 63% fewer greenhouse gases than the production of conventional synthetic fibres.

The new Sorona® Silvertip Fibre