MÜHLE TRAVEL Manicure Set in Cowhide Case

Our Holiday Checklist

Summer approaches and with it, travel season! Whether it be for business or pleasure - it can be a mission trying to remember exactly how and what to bring! See below as we list our holiday essentials and absolute top tips when shaving away.

Holiday Essential: The Travel Set

The ultimate grab and go essential, all MÜHLE travel sets include a travel brush and razor neatly encased in a leather pouch. Keeping everything ready at hand, the leather case ensures your set is protected from any damage whilst on your travels and is available in either Florentine black or brown leather or natural vegetable-tanned cowhide. Complete your perfect set by choosing between the lightweight Gillette fusion or our classic closed-comb safety razor!

Top tip! You can pack your DE razor in your carry-on luggage, just remember to remove any blades. Whilst Gillette Fusion or Mach3 razors (with blades) are allowed, safety razor blades must be packed within hold luggage or purchased when you arrive at your destination. It is worth noting that you may be asked to remove your DE razor from your hand luggage at security for additional checks, so just make sure you’ve accounted for this extra time.

MÜHLE TRAVEL Shaving Set in Cowhide Leather

Holiday Essential: A Blade Guard

Sliding over the top of your razor, a blade guard helps protect your luggage and stop the blades from becoming dull before you get a chance to shave.

Holiday Essential: Shaving Cream or Shaving Stick

If you plan to wet shave at all when away, an absolute must is a quality shaving cream or travel shaving stick. Providing a layer of protection between blade and skin, the cream or soap will allow for a much closer, more comfortable shave. Plus at 75ml, all MÜHLE shaving creams can even be taken in carry-on luggage- just remember to remove and pop in a clear liquids bag before security.

Top tip! Due to different water treatments and hardness levels, you may find that your regular shaving soap or cream doesn’t quite lather as well as usual when away. To make sure you still have an ultra-comfortable shave, our top picks would be our extra nourishing Aloe Vera or Organic collections.

MÜHLE Travel Skin Care Products

Holiday Essential: Aftershave Balm

Chlorine and heat can play havoc with the natural balance of your skin and can often lead to dryness. Whilst we would always recommend an aftershave lotion or balm for the skin post-shave, when on holiday you may find an aftershave balm may be more replenishing. Focused on hydrating and nourishing the skin, aftershave balms are traditionally much for moisturising- ideal after the harsh chemicals of the pool or for soothing any sunburn!

Top tip! If you don’t have the space to pack your trusty shaving towel, fear not! An extra warm shower should do the trick, softening the hair and opening your pores ready for shaving.

Holiday Essential: Manicure set

Our final pick, and perhaps more of a wish list item rather than an essential, is the beautiful MÜHLE manicure set. Including stainless steel nail clippers, nail scissors, tweezers and a nail file the set makes ensures you’ll be looking sharp on all your travels. Made from natural cowhide leather, the case is long-lasting and durable, developing an individual patina over the course of its use.

Top tip! Our manicure set can be kept in your carry-on luggage! As the scissor blades included within the set are less than 6cm, you won’t have any issues taking them on the flight.

MÜHLE TRAVEL Manicure Set in Cowhide Case