The Enthusiast Straight Razor

The new ENTHUSIAST PRO straight razor

The straight razor

It’s been a while, but all good things come to those who wait!

Without further ado, let us introduce the ENTHUSIAST PRO. Featuring an exchangeable blade system as well as some unique design aspects and exceptional materials, the MÜHLE straight razor PRO has been designed for accurate shaving at its highest level - suitable for shave experts and professionals alike.

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Materials & Design

Considered functionality and beautiful design: the new ENTHUSIAST PRO straight razor delivers both in abundance. Featuring a unique locking system, blades are effortlessly replaced and precisely held by the razor’s exact CNC-milled contours. When closed again, the spring-loaded slide bar offers maximum safety when shaving.

In addition, the ENTHUSIAST PRO also features special "pockets" on both sides of the blade holder, which absorb any bending that occurs from the blade and guarantee a perfect fit even with divided blades.

Created using 316L Marine-grade stainless steel and black anodized aluminium, the materials selected for the ENTHUSIAST PRO have been chosen for their quality, beauty and durability.

Naturally corrosion resistant, stainless steel is both reliable and low maintenance while the black anodized aluminium provides a perfectly ergonomic and balanced handle.

Easy to disinfect as well as ensuring maximum durability, the new ENTHUSIAST PRO makes a top-class tool that almost completely rules out material fatigue or wear - a professional shaving tool for eternity.

The locking system on the new MÜHLE ENTHUSIAST PRO

How to Use

Compatible with ‘half blades’ or 'single edge blades', blades for the ENTHUSIAST PRO can be purchased from a variety of manufacturers. Alternatively, standard razor blades can also be split and used – just be sure to use extreme caution!

To split a standard razor blade, ensure the blade is still wrapped in its protective paper and break in half. One half can then be used in the razor, and the other stored away clean and safe– ready until it is needed.

For more guidance, check out our video below.

Pair with…

For precise contours and clean lines, pair with the MÜHLE Contour Shave Gel. Lightly fragranced with fine scents of cedar wood and bergamot, the non-foaming, clear shave gel allows the blade to glide gently over the skin for a smooth shave.


Reviews from experienced barbers

Connor Mcleod - Founder and Head of CMC Barbershop

The Enthusiast Pro's blade is a little more exposed than a traditional straight razor, which means you can get into corners better for precise contours and a nice, close shave. For me, the razor has the perfect weight and is very pleasant to work with.

Oran Lasocki - Head Barber in the MÜHLE Team London

The Enthusiast Pro Razor is a beautiful tool. You will not find a more aesthetic razor on the market! I am particularly impressed that changing the blade is so easy and self-explanatory. The grooves and indentations ensure that the blade is not bent and is not exposed too much or too little. This allows for a close shave and reduces the time spent preparing the razor and blade.

MÜHLE Enthusiast Pro Straight Razor with interchangeable blade

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