Lisa Möller, Sales manager at MÜHLE

Celebrating the Women of MÜHLE

You are sometimes not taken seriously when you tell certain gentlemen (who have been using a shaving brush for many years) something about wet shaving.
Lisa Möller, Sales Manager at MÜHLE

This International Women's Day, we are thrilled to spotlight the incredible women who contribute their passion, dedication, and expertise to our MÜHLE family. From sales to production, marketing to customer service, read on as we speak with some of the remarkable individuals who help shape our brand.

Here at MÜHLE, mindful rituals are vital to the 'Rasurkultur' philosophy. Do you have any daily routines you wouldn’t be without?

Mareike Moser: To ensure quality, processes must be guaranteed in the daily company routine. That's why I wouldn't want to miss the morning stand-up meeting. The exchange between the department heads, from the start of production, to the creation of the items, to packaging, to the item ready for dispatch. All these processes between the individual departments must run smoothly and be planned. This is the only way to turn an idea for a shaving product into a quality product that is valued by the customer.

Doreen Winkler: At the end of each working day, I take time to look back over the day's work. It always makes me happy to see the finished products and hold them in my hands.

Doreen Winkler, Employee assembly at MÜHLE


Founded in 1945, MÜHLE is now nearing its eighth decade. Was becoming a part of a historic brand always a goal for you?

Jamie Murphy: I never really thought I would be where I am today, but that makes me value my line of work and how far I’ve come. Working for a historic brand has given me such an appreciation for everyone involved with MÜHLE that has come before me and worked endless hours to make the brand what is today. It only makes me want to work harder. I know they would be proud of how much MÜHLE has grown and how much the customers enjoy the products and rituals.

Veronica Chessell: It wasn't something I particularly had in mind, but it is definitely a privilege to work for a company with craftsmanship heritage. There's an inherent integrity with this kind of ethos that translates into the working environment and team, it's great to be a part of it.

Veronica Chessell, MÜHLE UK Marketing Director


How has your role evolved since you joined the company?

Lisa Möller: A super exciting question – I joined the company in 2015 as assistant of Christian and Andreas (CEOs and owner). At the very beginning, I took on classic assistant tasks and supported the two managing directors wherever I was needed. Over time, I took on my own projects and was responsible for packaging development and the coordination and preparation of product launches, for example.

I have now gained a lot of product and background knowledge, so that I am now increasingly involved in sales and act as a contact person for our key account customers. In addition to close coordination and communication with customers, I also carry out product training and on-site visits. It's a very varied job in which I get people excited about the brand again and again.

Manuela Hennig: I've only been part of the MÜHLE team since 2022, but I've been trusted from day one. Within a few months, I was responsible for marketing, shop management and social media. My tasks are very varied and it's great to work for a company whose values match my personal aspirations for sustainability and quality.

Anja Schmidt: I have been working as a brush maker in the manufactory from day one. Even if many people can't imagine doing this in the long term, I feel very comfortable here and am delighted to be able to perform the craft to this level of perfection.

Anja Schmidt, Brush maker in the MÜHLE manufactory


As we celebrate International Women's Day, what message would you like to share with young women contemplating their careers?

Veronica Chessell: Listen to the voice inside you and speak up. It's a generalisation but a lot of women tend to be great collaborators and supporters, which is such an important skill because ultimately it's never individuals but teams who realise projects. It's also important that we voice our ideas and speak up when we have a different or new perspective, it makes for a stronger, truly authentic team that can think outside the box and bring something new to the table.

Lisa Möller: MÜHLE was a brand for men's wet shaving products for many decades. In the beginning, it wasn't easy for me to explain wet shaving to older gentlemen, especially when they supposedly made mistakes in the application. As a young woman without a beard, you are sometimes not taken seriously when you tell gentlemen who have been using a shaving brush for many years something about wet shaving.

In the meantime, I'm happy to play around with it - I'm not expected to have this kind of specialist knowledge. I would therefore like to quote St. Francis of Assisi: First do what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you can do the impossible.

Finally, do you have any favourite MÜHLE products?

Jamie Murphy: I really like the MÜHLE Organic line. Everything is so fresh, clean, and packed with benefits! My favourite product from that line is the Organic Argan Oil. I enjoy this product because it is multipurpose for me. I can use it to smooth and nourish the ends of my hair, moisturize my nail cuticles, and even apply it to dry skin areas for extra moisture. It’s a 3-in-1 win for me!

Manuela Hennig: Definitely the COMPANION. However, I also swear by my shaving brush and sea buckthorn shaving cream when shaving my body. The result is simply perfect and the scent always reminds me a little of being on holiday.

Here's to empowering women everywhere to make their mark and create a brighter future!

Mareike Moser, Head of pre-packing department at MÜHLE


With special thanks to:

  • Lisa Möller, Sales manager
  • Mareike Moser, Head of pre-packing department
  • Doreen Winkler, Employee assembly
  • Anja Schmidt, Brush maker in the manufactory
  • Manuela Hennig, Marketing / Corporate Communications
  • Jamie Murphy, MÜHLE US Marketing Specialist
  • Veronica Chessell, MÜHLE UK Marketing Director