The EDITION Ranges

The EDITION Ranges

The crowning glory of the MÜHLE programme, the EDITION ranges combine lavish proportions with outstanding finishes. Available in Carbon, Ancient Oak & Sterling Silver and Meissen porcelain, the ranges are made by hand using only the finest precision work. Now also available for customisation, the Meissen collection allows you to create a truly unique item, with personalised monograms available in either black or platinum colouring. See below as we take a closer look at the collections, and the exquisite materials used to create them.


Made from the finest porcelain, the Meissen EDITION range is a true testimony to master craftsmanship. Not only exquisitely hand-painted, but the material itself also requires considerable experience to even fit the exactly cut MÜHLE metal parts as it constantly shrinks during the baking process.

Formed in collaboration with the fellow Saxon Heritage brand Meissen, the brushes and razors are produced in the oldest porcelain manufactory in Europe, their extensive experience evident in their exceptional detailing. Breathtakingly elegant, the range features the iconic Meissen design of the Ming Dragon, symbolising power, strength and good fortune- the perfect mascot for the precious ritual of shaving.

Available in both Silvertip Fibre and Silvertip badger, the EDITION ranges all feature extra-large, generous bundles that can easily be replaced (through unscrewing) meaning that these beautiful pieces are a true investment, built to last a lifetime.

The MÜHLE Meissen EDITION Series

Elegant and accentuated with chrome-plated highlights, Meissen is now also available for customisation. Offered with a personal monogram consisting of 2 letters, the Meissen becomes an absolutely unique item. Hand-painted in block letters at Porzellamanufaktur Meissen and then burned in by the decoration firing, desired letters can be applied in a platinum or black colouring according to your request. Taking approximately 5 weeks, lead times are a little longer than usual for this personalised EDITION- but you can be sure it will be worth the wait.

Top tip!

Why not combine customised items to create your own, exclusive shaving set.

The MÜHLE Meissen EDITION Series, Customized


Beautifully enigmatic, the fine light reflections created by our Carbon EDITION series are both alluring and wondrous.

Intricate and complex to create, the flexible, fibrous structures are initially worked by hand. The individually forged blanks, which later become the handles for the range, are then covered in the carbon weave and placed in a mould where the fibres are evenly aligned. Lastly, the handles are soaked and cured with high-grade resin before a final polish.

Occurring naturally in a wide variety of forms with carbon compounds even to be found in diamonds, this exquisite material is an impeccable match to the MÜHLE EDITION Luxury Series.

Available in Silvertip Badger, Silvertip Fibre and as either a Gillette Fusion or iconic DE razor the Carbon range is sure to have something for everyone- whatever your shave routine.

The MÜHLE Carbon Fibre EDITION Series

Ancient Oak

A true testament to our affinity with nature, the MÜHLE Ancient Oak EDITION brings beauty, cultivated for thousands of years, into your bathroom.

A beautifully toned wood with rich swirling grains, Ancient Oak is cultivated for over a millennium in airtight bogs, swamps and river banks. The stunning dark hue of the wood is created by reactions between wood tannins and the peat’s acidity, whilst the low oxygen conditions prevent the Oak from decaying.

The precious wood is then refined with sterling silver, allowing the fine indentations on its surface to acquire a glistening quality. The wood is finally sealed with a high gloss finish, this not only gives a brilliant polish to the Oak but also makes it waterproof.

The MÜHLE Ancient Oak & Silver EDITION Series

Forever enthralled by the beauty of the surrounding environment in the Saxon Erz Mountains, MÜHLE celebrates these breath-taking wonders of nature, by choosing unique natural finishes that tell a story.