Classic Shaving Brushes

The CLASSIC Shaving Brush Range

Featuring an easy, paired back design, connoisseurs rank our CLASSIC brushes among the best in the world. Featuring finishes of black resin, Faux Ivory and Olive Wood the brushes are complimented by premium quality bristles available in both Silvertip Badger or vegan Silvertip fibre. A real pick and mix of choice, the CLASSIC range is available in any combination and for that matter size (Small, Medium or Large) to ensure there really is something for everyone!

See below as we take a look at the features and variations available within the iconic CLASSIC collection enabling you to create your perfect shaving brush.

The Materials

Resin (Black or Faux Ivory): Turned from solid resin rods, the handles for the CLASSIC range deliver on both durability and beauty. Presented with a gleamingly smooth finish, all individual pieces are polished in several passes using crushed walnut shells to achieve the iconic refined finish. Available in either dramatic black or soft faux ivory, these elegant brushes are sure to look the part in any bathroom

Olive Wood: Found throughout the Mediterranean, Olive Wood has been valued since ancient times for its outstanding material characteristics and beautiful, warm colouring. Carefully dried for months before the handles are turned, Olive trees are naturally very hard and water-resistant. The wood is then sanded, sealed and polished to a silky finish to bring out the gentle honey-coloured grain of the wood. A delight for both the hand and eye!

The MÜHLE CLASSIC Shaving Brush Range

The Hair Grades

Silvertip Badger: Natural, soft and flexible; Silvertip Badger is considered by many to be the finest, most premium grade of badger hair. Used in traditional wet shaving for over 250 years the hair is renowned for its ability to retain large amounts of water, enabling the brush to quickly produce a dense, stable and creamy lather. Formed by hand, the bundle’s tips remain untrimmed to ensure the hair retains its fluffy, soft tips.

Silvertip Fibre: Designed to mimic the premium quality and performance of Silvertip Badger, Silvertip Fibre represents a world first for high-quality synthetic fibres. Incredibly soft at its fine tips, Silvertip Fibre maintains a similar backbone and firmness to that of natural hair ensuring a creamy and thick lather is still produced. Somewhat more stable in its middle section, Silvertip Fibre also has the additional benefit of being more resistant to shaving soaps and creams making the brush overall much more durable and easier to maintain!

The MÜHLE CLASSIC Shaving Brush Range

The Sizes

From a perfectly petite 19mm to a large 25mm, all of our CLASSIC brushes are available in either a small, medium or large bundle. Our Silvertip Fibre range is also available in extra large. Entirely down to personal preference, small and medium-sized brushes are generally easier to use on the face when lathering up, however, large brushes can offer a more massaging, exfoliating lather- if a little cumbersome at times. Providing a good selection of price points, you can spend as much, or as little as you like: our Small Silvertip Fibre start at just £38, proving the perfect way to take your shave routine to the next level!

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