Shave Care Comparisons

Shave Care Comparisons

Like the Robin to your Batman, no wet shave ritual would be complete without the aid of nourishing shave care. Offering post-shave skin soothing treatments as well as protecting the skin during shaving, MÜHLE shave care is an integral part of achieving a close, comfortable shave. Available in five different fragrances and each with their own unique benefits, read on to find out more about the ranges and discover your perfect match.

Aloe Vera

Fragrance: Refreshingly light, our Aloe Vera shave care also contains fine notes of oakmoss and mint.
Key benefits: Healing & Hydrating

Most famous for its treatment of burns, Aloe Vera can also reduce the time of healing for a number of other injuries including small nicks and cuts. Helping to increase skin cell reproduction by as much as eight times, the extract stimulates collagen production decreasing fine lines as well as improving skin elasticity.

Ideal for: Sensitive skin

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Sea Buckthorn

Fragrance: Fresh and citrus, Sea Buckthorn gives the perfect zing to start your daily shave routine.
Key benefits: Protects Against Environmental Aggressors & Regenerates

Promoting skin hydration and elasticity, Sea Buckthorn also encourages cell regeneration making it perfect for use after shaving. Containing a whole host of vitamins and minerals, Sea Buckthorn is also a great protective ingredient. Protecting against environmental aggressors, pollution and free radicals, the extract helps to prevent premature skin ageing and reduce inflammation following UV exposure.

Ideal for: All skin types

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The MÜHLE Sea Buckthorn shaving cream & aftershave balm


Fragrance: With its classic, masculine fragrance Sandalwood is a much-loved ingredient for natural skincare- and rightly so!
Key benefits: Hydrating & Anti-inflammatory

One of the most effective natural emollients, Sandalwood deeply penetrates the skin to provide your epidermis with the intense dose of moisture it so needs after shaving. Able to induce contractions in soft tissues, Sandalwood is also great at stimulating repair and contains active compounds such as Santalol, which work to reduce inflammation as well as acting as a gentle antiseptic.

Ideal for: Particularly effective for dry skin.

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Grapefruit & Mint

Fragrance: Combining zingy grapefruit with refreshing mint oil, the fragrance finely balances tart notes of black pepper, cedar wood and vetiver for an uplifting shave experience.
Key benefits: Toning & Brightening

More than just aromatic and refreshing, Mint leaves are also packed full of nutrients that make them ideal for maintaining healthy, hydrated skin. Naturally cleansing and mildly astringent, the extract leaves skin clear and smooth, helping the skin retain moisture by tightening pores and sealing in hydration. Complimented by Grapefruit, the range features Lycopene to help reduce inflammation and redness and Beta Carotene to improve and brighten the overall skin tone.

Ideal for: All skin types

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The MÜHLE Grapefruit & Mint shave care series


Fragrance: Finished with notes of lime, mint and vetiver the range has a fresh, gentle fragrance.
Key benefits: Hydrates & Soothes

Formulated with creamy waxes and glycerine, the Organic range is further enriched with traditionally hand-pressed Argan oil. Leaving the skin gently restored and nourished, Argan oil contains antioxidants, vitamin E and essential fatty acids to regenerate and soothe irritated areas. Widely regarded as providing effective anti-ageing protection, these natural agents offer both nourishment and protection to your skin.

Ideal for: Dry or sensitive skin

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The MÜHLE Organic aftershave balm & shaving cream