Head Barber at MÜHLE London, Oran Lasocki

The Facial Hair Forecast: Trends for 2024

The Facial Hair Forecast is back, and 2024 is rolling on fast! As the new year gains momentum, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to forecast some upcoming trends for 2024. From hipster beards to goatees, styles come and go, but we have a sneaking suspicion that this year we'll continue to see a lot more relaxed, lower-maintenance looks.

But hey, don't just take our word for it! We spoke with our Head Barber, Oran, as he made the following predictions for 2024:

"It will be another year of keeping it low-key and casual. I think the style most of us will be sporting will be the moustache with low-maintenance stubble, which will be a personal preference, but I have a feeling most will be leaning towards the chevron and the horseshoe with the option of opting in for a soul patch too. Think Pedro Pascal and Ryan Gosling."

So, without further ado, read on to find out exactly how to create and maintain these styles, as well as who's most famously rocked the look!

Low Maintenance Stubble

What is it?

Shorter than a full beard but longer than completely clean-shaven skin, this stage of facial hair growth is often characterized by a minimal amount of visible hair, creating a distinctive and often rugged look.

How do I create and maintain this look?

Start by growing out your entire beard and, when you have enough hair, carefully trim to maintain an even length across your entire face. Keeping your neck nice and tidy, pay attention to the edges of your facial hair, such as the cheekbones. Define these edges with a razor to create a polished look.

Apart from a good trimmer and a pair of trusty beard scissors, we’d also recommend the MÜHLE Stubble Balm to help maintain this look. An easy-going companion in your daily grooming ritual, the Balm absorbs quickly into the skin leaving the face hydrated and stubble soft - stubble itch begone!

Famously Sported by: Ryan Gosling and David Beckham

Ryan Gosling and David Beckham, sporting stubble.

The Soul Patch Addition

What is it?

A soul patch is a small, singular patch of facial hair located just below the lower lip, typically in the centre of the chin. Minimalistic and distinctive, the style is often separated from any surrounding facial hair, such as a beard or moustache.

How do I create and maintain this look?

Allow a small patch of hair to grow just below the centre of your lower lip, shaping it into a distinctive, isolated tuft on the chin. Regularly trim the soul patch to maintain a neat and defined appearance.

To help with shaping, we recommend using the MÜHLE Contour Gel in combination with our R89 Safety Razor. Lightly scented with fine notes of cedar wood and bergamot, the non-foaming clear shave gel is perfect for achieving clean lines and fine beard contours.

Famously Sported by: Pedro Pascal and Brad Pitt

Pedro Pascal and Brad Pitt, sporting a soul-patch.

The Chevron and Horseshoe Variation

What is it?

The chevron is characterized by a thick, continuous moustache that extends horizontally across the upper lip, covering the width of the mouth. The horseshoe involves a broader and more robust moustache that extends down the sides of the mouth and curves downward towards the chin, resembling the shape of an inverted horseshoe.

How do I create and maintain this look with stubble?

Start by growing out your entire beard and, when you have enough length, gradually trim all areas slightly shorter while leaving the upper lip area alone. For a horseshoe style moustache, leave the length down the sides of the mouth as well to form an inverted U-shape towards the chin.

The greater the difference between your upper lip and the rest of your hair, the more prominent your moustache will be – make sure to play and experiment with lengths!

For optimal effect, keep the ‘tache trimmed and lines maintained. To help maintain this look, we recommend using the MÜHLE Stubble Balm to leave the face hydrated and stubble soft. Use in combination with the MÜHLE Beard Wax to help style and manage any unruly moustache hairs.

Famously Sported by: David Harbour and Henry Cavill

David Harbour and Henry Cavill, sporting a Chevron moustache.

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