Beards for the Anti-Hero

Beards for the Anti-Hero

What makes a villain truly evil?

A Beard. A Big, Bad Beard (apparently)

The silver-screen provides us with a catalogue of examples of just how much facial hair influences moral character (or perhaps vice versa?). But, of course, it’s more nuanced than that because not every beard is truly evil, just some. Which ones? Well, we all know a mean beard when we see one, but to mark Halloween this year we thought we’d take a closer look at this malevolent facial hair phenomenon, and how you too can create this look to cultivate your authentic inner villain.

1. Jacobim Mugatu, Zoolander

Jacobim Mugatu, Zoolander

Ultimate Villainous Quality: Megalomaniac

Beard Style: ‘Poodle’ Goatee

Recreate this look: Channel Jacobim with the R89 Rose Gold and shape your beard, using the single blade to create a defined goatee. Work through Beard Oil to add shine, add Beard Wax and twist with fingers to create coiled shape. Practice shouting for your latte, and commanding everyone to obey your dog.

Top tip: If you don’t have a dog, another pet will suffice.

2. Hans Gruber, Die Hard

Hans Gruber, Die Hard

Ultimate Villainous Quality: Criminal Mastermind

Beard Style: Sculpted Goatee

Recreate this Look: Channel Hans with the ROCCA Pure Safety Razor and shape your beard, paying extremely close attention to detail, rinse with MÜHLE Beard Shampoo and work through with MÜHLE Stubble Balm. Put on a nice suit and practice counting to three.

3. Obadiah Stane, Iron Man

Obadiah Stane, Iron Man

Ultimate Villainous Quality: Treacherous Sociopath

Beard Style: Old-School (*combines with bald head to complete villainous look)

Recreate this look: Like the character, himself, this look requires premeditation, commitment to the plan and the right tools. First, ensure you allow sufficient time to grow your beard, so it is both mean and glorious. Wash, with MÜHLE Beard Shampoo and trim with MÜHLE Beard Scissors making sure that your beard is abundant but not scruffy. Work through with Beard Oil with Beard Brush to add shape and shine. Finally, shave your head with The Companion Safety Razor.

4. Walter White, Breaking Bad

Walter White, Breaking Bad

Ultimate Villainous Quality: Ruthless & Calculating

Beard Style: Van Dyke (combination of moustache connecting to hair on the chin)

Recreate this look: Channel Walt’s burgeoning grandeur with an Edition Ming Dragon Safety Razor (a symbol of your newfound power and wealth), add the monogram, ‘WW’ for extra effect and tell everyone to, ‘say your name.’ Use the razor to shape your beard and create precise clean lines. Add shine with MÜHLE Beard Oil and Beard Brush.

5. Walter White, Breaking Bad – Atonement Beard

Walter White, Breaking Bad – Atonement Beard

Ultimate Villainous Quality: Remorse

Beard Style: Atonement Beard

Recreate this look: No longer strictly a villain, the atonement beard is another beast. To recreate this look you will need method-acting style engagement with the character. Let your facial hair grow for some time. Do nothing to it whatsoever, although for the sake of your nearest and dearest you could occasionally use some MÜHLE Beard Shampoo.

Whatever your villain is silly, serious, or sorrowful, there can be no doubt that you’ll need to step away from clean chiselled jaw lines and embrace a bit more stubble as Halloween draws nearer.