MUHLE STYLO Thuja Wood Closed Comb Safety Razor

MÜHLE STYLO Thuja Wood Closed Comb Safety Razor


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Thuja wood

Regarded as one of the most valuable and most beautiful woods in the world, the strongly grained root burl only grows to a respectable size once the tree has died.

Only sections of timber displaying an exceptionally attractive grain are used for production. While being made into handles the wood is coated with high-grade resin, making it water-resistant and hard-wearing. The high-gloss surface accentuates the individual veining of the grain.

Classic razor blade (closed comb)

The MÜHLE safety razor with closed comb promises a thorough yet gentle shave. In combination with a slightly steeper blade angle, this safety razor promises a particularly gentle shaving technique, which is also suitable for beginners with a little practice. The finest contours and clear lines at the base of the beard are just the icing on the cake.

Blades are easily replaced by unscrewing the head of the Safety Razor. Replacement blades can be purchased from us, we recommend the rust-proof MÜHLE razor blades, a perfect match for this timeless razor.

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