MÜHLE NEO Black Fibre Shaving Brush in Glacier Blue


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NEO - The youngest design series from MÜHLE

NEO ... new ... marks the entry into traditional wet shaving. The fresh, sleek design surprises and defies convention. Complete with a soft surface ring to ensure a secure grip, the flawless chrome finish is accented by bands of cool Glacier Blue, pastel Salvia Green and classic Black.

Only gentle, circular movements with a shaving brush turn shaving soap or cream into a stable lather. This soothing massage prepares the shaving area optimally by opening pores, straightening hair, and allowing the razor to glide smoothly over the skin.

The shaving brushes in the NEO design series feature synthetic "Black Fibre" bristles. With its dark colouring, softness, and high quality, this innovation from the MÜHLE manufactory offers a sustainable answer to modern demands, making it the perfect complement to the young NEO series. Black Fibre mimics natural badger hair but is more robust, more durable, and dries faster than the natural material. 

Weight: 122g

Ring Size: M - 21mm

Vegan: Yes

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