The MÜHLE R89: An Everyday Hero

The MÜHLE R89: An Everyday Hero

Long lasting and corrosion-resistant, the MÜHLE R89 chrome provides incomparable quality and longevity. Widely considered one of the gentlest safety razors on the market the R89 foregoes plastic mechanisms (like modern blade systems) and looks a bit more like something your granddad might have used.

MUHLE R89 Safety Razor

Well-founded concern for the impact of disposable plastics means this minor marvel of precision and beauty is having something of a renaissance at the moment and is celebrated widely by men and women like, not just shave enthusiasts and traditionalists who enjoy the therapeutic qualities of a great shave. And yet, the resurgence of the classic safety razor, the favoured self-shaving method until around the 1970s when plastic cartridges were introduced, has led to an increased celebration of ‘the perfect shave’. A fitting hero for this time, the R89 makes a big impact in seemingly small but powerful ways. In a little tribute to our bestselling razor, we’re taking a moment to explore them here.

As lifetime products, they're plastic-free and sustainable

At MÜHLE we’ve been incredibly proud to have many of our products including the R89 championed by heroes of the zero-waste movement. As a company with a manufacturing heritage we’ve been making products built to endure and stand the test of time for 75 years and counting because that’s essentially what quality is about. Of course, it’s no small thing that products that last are also much better for the planet than ones which are so quickly thrown away. With our safety razors the only waste is the small blade, made from metal (a recyclable material).

Safety razor blades, which are a universal size, can be used a number of times before they need to be replaced- this varies from person to person, but our general recommendation is to replace the blade after about 5 shaves. For anyone concerned about the fate of their blades we recommend storing these away in one of our handy blade banks (they can fit hundreds) and talking to your local authority for garbage disposable about recycling them once your blade bank is full (this will take you a while)The MÜHLE Blade Bank

As a razor that's kinder to your skin, they help you get the best start to your day

Starting the day off right, is another little thing that makes a big difference. We’ve all been there and know that routine is important and each of us will have our own individual rituals that works for us. Here at MÜHLE we recommend that you take a little time to care for your skin with some pre-shave prep and post-shave care, and make the process of shaving a joy so it’s a good start to the day.

One advantage of the R89 safety razor is that since it consists of one blade on each side of the head, hence the name 'double-edge' or 'DE'; this can be easily cleaned and replaced making it much kinder to the skin than a cartridge razor. Where a cartridge razor, consisting of multiple blades which don’t tend to be as sharp can pull the hair the R89 will cut through the hair. Because cartridge razors are also harder to clean this can lead to overuse, with soap residue and debris from shaved hairs being repeatedly dragged across the skin- this is why barbers may recommend swapping to a safety razor for guys with razor burn.

Great for clean-shaven looks, stubble-sculpting or beard shaping; the R89 helps you be authentically you

Fortunately, nowadays, there’s a lot more facial hair freedom than there used to be so guys can choose if they want to sport shaped -beards, well-sculpted stubble or be smooth cheeked. Here at MÜHLE we love all of these looks and whether you choose to shape, sculpt or shear the R89 is a great companion- the single blade allows for easy shaping around facial hair as well as for a close yet gentle shave for those who prefer a clean-shaven look.

They're kind of irresistible

A hero knows their power, and there’s just something about the R89 – it’s one of those products that people make a bee line for in our Berlin and London stores. Perhaps it’s the handsome and familiar aesthetic of the knurling on the handle, this textured finish also has a functional purpose in providing an easier grip and preventing slippage. Whatever it is, a common quality of well-crafted products built to stand the test of time is that they’re nice to look at, with handy razor and set stands available at MÜHLE this useful everyday tool makes a nice feature in the bathroom.

Saving you money, the R89 is a product that gives back

With a 10 pack of blades costing just £4.50, and the razor itself designed to last you years and years, the £36 invested in this everyday tool is quickly recuperated as you no longer need to continually purchase disposable cartridge razors.

MÜHLE safety razor blades

MÜHLE R89 Closed Comb Safety Razor

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MÜHLE TRADITIONAL R89 Chrome Safety Razor - Closed Comb

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