Reward Points

Welcome to the MÜHLE UK Reward Points scheme

Simply sign up and start collecting points from your very first purchase with us. For every pound spent you’ll receive 1 point, and with each point worth 5p, it won’t take long to build up your rewards!

What items can I use points on?
Reward points can be used for any item on the site unless specifically prohibited.

Do I need an account to earn points?
Yes, to collect points on purchases, you must register an account.

Can points be transferred?
Reward points cannot be transferred. They are redeemable on the MÜHLE UK site only.

What happens when an order is returned, are points lost?
If a reward item is returned, points spent on that item will not be refunded.

How are points calculated?
1 point is awarded for every pound spent. Each point is worth 5p.

Can reward point offers be combined with other discounts?
Reward points can be redeemed on orders including on sale items but can not be used in conjunction where coupon code has been used.

Can points be redeemed against shipping costs?
No, points are only redeemable on MÜHLE items.

Are reward points earned on orders purchased with points?
No, points are not awarded on reward redemption purchases.