The MÜHLE Barbershop Gift Card

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*Please note these are printed cards. Each card is presented in a plain envelope, with room from your own message on the card.

Wash, Haircut & Finish - £55

Starting with a friendly consultation, a haircut at MÜHLE Treatment Space is a relaxing experience from beginning to end. After the hair is washed, we offer a restorative head massage before the cut and finish with a style and neck shave. We provide a cosy environment with an assortment of drinks on offer, so you leave looking and feeling great!

MÜHLE Shaving Class- £70

Held in our art-deco style treatment space with shaving antiques on display, our shave class sessions are designed to ensure that you leave with the best shave know how as well as a love for this incredible self-care ritual. Our expert barbers offer a personalised consultation, assessing the growth of your hair so you can learn to shave with the grain as well as discussing any skin sensitivities. We'll run through how to create a great lather and navigate the process of using a traditional double edge razor or Gillette from start to finish so you can achieve an ideal smooth shave, that's kind to the skin. After this we will go through some easy tips for aftercare so you can nurture your skin post shave.

Straight Razor Shave - £55

A signature treatment, the straight razor shave is a calm, enjoyable ritual at MÜHLE. Starting with a friendly consultation to understand your current shaving routine and sensitivities, we assess the growth of hair, shaving with the grain. MÜHLE skin and shave care products are used to prepare the skin and hair for a shave before the first pass with the open razor and the process is repeated before second pass for refinement. Complete with a pampering hot towel, followed by refreshing cold towels and aftershave.

Beard Sculpt - £36

Get a sculpted beard with the help of our expert team. Tidied with scissors and trimmers to your desired length, a razor can be used on the neck and cheeks. Complete with pampering hot towels, your beard is finished with MÜHLE Organic Argan Oil.

MÜHLE Organic Facial - £20

Starting with a friendly consultation, so we can understand your skincare routine and sensitivities, this treatment uses MÜHLE Argan Oil based Organic products to cleanse, exfoliate, soothe, moisturise and help repair the skin. A hot towel is applied to open the pores after cleansing and exfoliation whilst we provide a relaxing upper body massage. Finished with MÜHLE Organic Face Cream, T&D Dichotomy Serum and Argan Oil if you have a beard. Leaving you feeling fresh faced and fantastic.

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