MÜHLE Alum Stone

Natural Alum Stone: All Round Superhero

Made of natural potassium alum (a material naturally found on rocks in areas of weathering and oxidation), alum stones are both antiseptic and astringent and have been used by barbers for centuries.

Often referred to as ‘the original aftershave’, the stones can be used to soothe the skin after shaving, helping to fight razor burn and seal small nicks and cuts. The antiseptic qualities in the alum stone help to cool and refresh the skin as well as kill surface bacteria, making it an effective natural underarm deodorant. These qualities are also useful to improve skin tone and help prevent acne. A bit of an all-around superhero, find out more about the stone's many uses below!

MÜHLE Alum Stone

Using the Alum Stone as an Aftershave

  • After you shave, wash your face thoroughly ensuring that all shaving cream or soap has been rinsed off.
  • Once you have washed your face, splash it with cold water helping pores to close and allowing the alum stone to easily glide over your face.
  • After this, wet the alum stone, checking that the whole stone is wet.
  • Then, rub the stone onto areas of your skin that you’ve shaved- Alum stones can be used on other parts of the body as well as the face- legs, for example.
  • Leave your alum stone out to dry after use, this can take some time, so it is best to leave the stone on a shelf near a window.

Using Alum Stones to Seal Small Cuts

  • First clean the cut with cold water removing any dirt or residue that may be inside the cut.
  • Gently apply the stone to the cut for about 20 seconds or until bleeding stops.
  • Leave the stone out to dry before putting it away in a cupboard.

Top Tip! Our alum pens work in the same way and are a great to target small nicks and cuts.

MÜHLE Styptic Pencil

Using the Alum Stone as a Natural Deodorant

  • Potassium alum or alum stones have natural antibacterial properties that reduce the growth of odour causing bacteria, so can be used as a natural deodorant.
  • To use, wet the alum stone and rub it under your arms.
  • Make sure you leave the stone out to dry afterwards.
  • Alum stones can take some time to dry so it is best to leave them on a shelf, near a window so that they have time to dry out after use.