Skincare for Body Shaving

Skincare for Body Shaving

Launched in 2021, the Companion safety razor marked MÜHLE’s first unisex double-edged (DE) razor designed not only for the face but the head and body too. Featuring protective flaps over the blunt ends of the blade to avoid unintentionally scratching as well as rails on both sides of the top plate to help the user find the ideal angle, the Companion was designed to be easy to use and gentle: the perfect introduction to DE shaving.

Kinder to the skin, more environmentally friendly and far cheaper than standard cartridge razors there are many reasons to consider making the swap! So, if you’re currently contemplating or have recently invested in a DE razor, read on for a few tips on mastering the key techniques as well as our top four companions for your Companion safety razor.

1. A Gentle Shaving Cream

As with any kind of wet shaving, the most important steps are always in the prep. Designed to act as a protective barrier between blade and skin, the value of a good quality shaving cream cannot be overstated.

Skin can be sensitive, so especially when it comes to body shaving, it’s best to stick to a lightly scented or fragrance-free option. Ideally enriched with nourishing waxes or oils, look for creams that form a thick and creamy lather with relatively minimal effort.

We Recommend: The MÜHLE Aloe Vera or Organic Shaving Cream. Ideal for sensitive skin, these shaving creams are packed with nourishing ingredients and lather quickly without the need for a shaving mug or bowl.

Top Tip!

For dry, sensitive or problem skin, enrich MÜHLE Organic Skincare with our very own Argan Oil. The star ingredient of this skincare series, it’s particularly rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, and radical scavengers; working to regenerate and moisturise the skin, it’s also considered an effective force for anti-ageing.

MÜHLE COMPANION Unisex Safety Razor

2. A Shaving Brush

Helping to create a great lather from a relatively small amount of shaving soap or cream, a shaving brush can be a great investment – and not necessarily an expensive one either.

Providing gentle exfoliation and lifting the hair in preparation for shaving, a shaving brush not only improves the overall quality of the shave but is also incredibly therapeutic. Starting with a damp brush, simply place a small amount of shaving cream directly on the skin and massage away.

We Recommend!

A black fibre shaving brush. Extremely low maintenance and long-lasting, vegan black fibre bundles feature extra soft tips and produce a particularly creamy shaving lather.

3. Alum Stone

Often referred to as ‘the original aftershave’, an alum block or styptic pencil are great for getting rid of any surface bacteria and helping the skin to heal quickly. Ideal for mending small nicks and cuts, these all-round superheroes can even be used as a natural under-arm deodorant or to help reduce spots and acne.

We Recommend!

The styptic pencil for small nicks and cuts or the larger Alum Stone to use as a more all-over aftershave or deodorant.

MÜHLE COMPANION Unisex Safety Razor

4. Aftershave Care

Finally, a natural Aftershave Balm or Body Lotion will help soothe and moisturise the skin post-shave.

Like a gentle shaving cream, ideally, look for something mildly fragranced and enriched with nourishing ingredients. Absorbing into the skin after only a few minutes after application, balms and lotions work best when applied immediately after shaving when the skin is still warm and pores still open.

We Recommend!

The Organic Body Lotion or Aftershave Balm. Providing almost instant relief from dry skin, the MÜHLE Organic range is enriched with traditionally hand pressed Argan oil to help gently support the regeneration of the skin and restore the skin’s natural lipid balance.

Did you know?

The MÜHLE Organic Skincare Series is vegan friendly and BDIH certified organic, with Argan Oil sourced from a Moroccan women’s cooperative and marketed on a fair-trade basis. Ethical, sustainable luxury – so you can rest easy and shave!