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A New Shaving Companion

The dawn of a new era for MÜHLE, the Companion is the first safety razor designed specifically for use on the body and face – it is a razor for everyone. For a company that has been focused on male-grooming since 1945, the Companion reflects a shifting trend in customer needs- needs brought to our attention by loyal customers and of course, we listened!

We were inspired by the eco-conscious of Instagram who would share the plastic-free contents of their washbags with our Traditional Safety Razors appearing front and centre and the many women on YouTube offering tutorials on body shaving with a safety razor. Beautifully curated, these posts illustrated the simple splendour of low-waste lifestyles. Of course, here at MÜHLE, we couldn’t agree more, the craftsmanship and consideration behind a product built to endure is something to behold and incomparable to single-use products that are destined for the bin.

Introducing the Companion Safety Razor; unisex, plastic-free, for the body and face.

‘Women’s’ razors are generally plastic, disposable and have an outdated, gaudy aesthetic meant to be feminine, roughly resembling something you might see in a toy shop (which many parents now bemoan and label as sexist- and rightly so). It is little wonder then, that many women were adopting MÜHLE’s safety razors for personal use; they simply weren’t satisfied with the options available at supermarkets and pharmacies. However, this gravitation to longer-life, well-crafted sustainable products has not been exclusive to women and we also saw many younger and middle-aged men increasingly interested in our products for eco-conscious reasons. The requests of these customers were often similar; they wanted a razor that could be used in the shower and wouldn’t slip, perhaps with a longer handle- gentle and easy to use, something that would work for sensitive skin.

With these considerations, MÜHLE being a design-savvy brand wanted to create something that was purist, functional and fit for purpose. The design process consisted of many months of fine-tuning, to create a razor suitable for different people and different needs. “The challenge was to achieve the perfect balance between a mild-shaving sensation with as little irritation as possible and a thorough result,” says MÜHLE CEO Andreas Müller. Minimising the risk of cuts was another priority.

MÜHLE COMPANION Unisex Safety Razor

The result is the Companion, a razor that doesn’t look ‘traditional’ and ‘is neither masculine nor feminine’ but ‘contemporary’ and ‘simply beautiful’ in Müller’s words. With a razor head that features so many innovations MÜHLE has now applied for a patent for it, the Companion is a glorious feat of both form and function. The blunt sides of the razor blade which typically protrude are enclosed within the sides of the razor head, for more protection during body shaving whilst rails on the razor head only allow shaving to take effect when the blade is ideally positioned at an angle of 30⁰ to 50⁰. The handle has also been extended to make shaving legs easier and the stylised fingerprint design provides grip ensuring that the razor doesn’t slip out of your hand even when you’re in the shower. The fingerprints are also a subtle nod to individuality and an elegant take on the intimacy of everyday beauty and grooming.

The Companion is available with a replaceable cord hook in blue, turquoise, coral, or stone- ideal for storing and using in the shower. We recommend adding a pack of 10 MÜHLE razor blades to your basket which will keep you going for a while (the cost is only £4.50).

For a complete wet shaving experience, check out our Body Shaving Bundle and save over 10%.

MÜHLE R89 Closed Comb Safety Razor

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Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

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MÜHLE COMPANION Unisex Safety Razor

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